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Afterschool HQ

  • Mission: Our mission is to connect students with engaging programs that ignite their passions. We do that by enabling schools to partner with great after-school program providers in their communities.
  • Services: AfterSchool HQ helps schools streamline processes, so afterschool programs run smoothly. We offer software which simplifies program management, support to cut down on parent inquiries and options for bringing new programs to your school.


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American Federation for Children

The American Federation for Children seeks to empower families, especially lower-income families, with the freedom to choose the best K-12 education for their children. We work with state allies in targeted states around the country to pass high quality education reforms, advocate for families, inform them of their options and assist private schools in participating in publicly funded school choice programs. Our Voices for Choice project shares powerful personal stories of school choice and our Future Leaders Fellowship trains the next generation of education reform leaders. Visit us at American Federation for Children.

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Catapult Learning

Catapult Learning, formerly Sylvan Education Solutions, is the nation's leading provider of public school, nonpublic school, and community-based education services. For more than 20 years, we have partnered with education institutions, government agencies, and community groups to provide outcomes-based learning programs that produce positive results. Our comprehensive array of educational programs and services include supplemental reading and math instruction; speech, occupational, and physical therapy, and early childhood development programs.

While our name has recently changed, our mission and values never will. Our mission is to be the preferred partner of schools, school districts, community organizations and families, providing research-based educational and support services designed to improve student achievement. Visit the Catapult Learning Web site.

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The Center for Institutional Finance

The Center for Institutional Finance provides church and educational financing. We are dedicated to providing financial advisory and investment banking services to churches, religious affiliated organizations, faith-based K-12 academies, universities, colleges, senior living facilities, and non-profit organizations. Visit the Center for Institutional Finance Web site.

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DAST Consulting Services is a boutique consulting firm that thrives on sharing our experience and knowledge. We've been serving in education for over 30 years. We believe in making your organization more effective and our experts know just how to do that. DAST wants to help your organization grow through taking advantage of the multiple funding streams currently available in the private K-12 education space (EANS, Title Funds, eRate, and more). We're prepared to help your school, district, or diocese by giving you expert, practical advice that will help you make the most of the amazing funding opportunities currently available. Visit the DAST website.


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FACTS is committed to making educational dreams possible through service and technology. FACTS serves more than three million students and families at over 11,500 schools, and manages $9 billion in tuition funds annually. FACTS offers a comprehensive suite of services including tuition management, a student information system, payment administration and processing, financial needs assessment, advancement and fundraising tools, and admissions/enrollment solutions. FACTS Education Solutions is committed to helping schools receive the professional development, coaching, and instructional services that they need, including assistance in securing federal funds to strengthen academic success. FACTS Ed also offers performance evaluation tools that provide innovative, objective feedback to classroom instructors through video technology. For more information, visit


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The Fund Raising School

The Fund Raising School can provide practical, research-based training to private school leaders and the schools they serve. Our public and customized courses teach proven techniques and emerging strategies, informing and inspiring fundraisers to increase and diversify their resources while strengthening their organization's impact. For more information, visit our Web site.

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Hudson Global Scholars

Hudson Global Scholars is an online education services provider to independent K-12 schools and their families around the world. By offeringturnkey tailored solutions and allowing school partners worldwide to use their own resources and staff, Hudson Global Scholars enables them to go online safely and efficiently and address critical pain points. Visit us at Hudson Global Scholars.


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Magnus Health

Magnus Health is the most innovative way for independent schools to collect, track and manage student health information on one online platform. Our technology helps schools save time and money by streamlining communication with parents, reducing liability for school health professionals, and keeping schools prepared in the event of an emergency.

We believe in better student care and we help thousands of private school nurses, athletic trainers, and parents manage student health together. Magnus is trusted by more than 540 schools with over 2 million students across the country. For more information and to schedule an online demo, please visit the Magnus Health website.


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NILD’s mission is to train educators to be a transformational influence on teaching and learning processes, in order to promote cognitive modifiability among learners. We believe individuals can become life-long learners, not just better able to “make the grade.” Instead of adapting the learning environment to a student’s unique learning struggles, we seek to change the way a person thinks so that he or she can succeed in any environment. Rather than accommodating the weak cognitive connections, we strengthen them. We believe in the God-given potential for cognitive modifiability. Cognitive modifiability, produced through mediated learning experiences, increases an individual’s capacity to learn by developing cognitive functions. By actually modifying the way the brain functions, the structure and process of learning is changed. The cognitive impact NILD methodology has on the brain results from the techniques used by educators and their ability as mediators to modify students’ cognitive processes. NILD’s brain-based learning programs facilitate students’ critical and creative thinking processes and prepares them to succeed.

NILD trains and equips educators to address students’ learning abilities through a comprehensive approach as illustrated in the NILD logo above. Each of the four elements contained in the NILD logo uniquely and permanently addresses the needs of learners. NILD’s holistic approach to learning builds thinking and changes behavior. Students' confidence and competency is improved. Educators are better equipped to be agents of renewal. NILD educational therapists enable students to become active participants in their own learning. Individual potential is unlocked and students’ horizons are expanded. By equipping teachers to teach students how to learn, students emerge as stronger learners, more capable future employees, family members, responsible citizens, and contributors to Kingdom work. Visit the NILD website.

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Responcity is a unique and innovative educational program, as well as a civic municipal engagement initiative. It is designed to empower youth with 21st century and social-emotional skills through PBL (Problem-Based Learning), SEL (Social-Emotional Learning), and municipal innovation. Participants learn to become better citizens and develop the skills needed for the future marketplace.


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Three W International

Three W International is North America’s foremost international student management company with operations in the U.S., Canada, and China. We provide services to private educational institutions by seeking out highly desired schools and supplying the tools and knowledge to start up and implement successful international student programs. Three W International provides the highest caliber of academically-gifted students that will give a valuable cultural experience to all parties involved, while providing an economic boost to both the school and the community at a time when enrollment numbers have been decreasing across the board.

Three W International currently has over 150 partner schools receiving 2000+ international students throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have a reputation for having a highly successful operating program and strong relationships with overseas recruiters. This reputation is substantiated by an unwillingness to compromise on the quality of schools, students and host families. Our screening process ensures that no student is placed in an environment where they are not prepared to succeed, and is the reason that in 14 years we have an unparalleled success rate. Visit the Three W International Web site.

Three W

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What Is ToucanTech & Who Uses ToucanTech?

ToucanTech software is for schools, companies, associations and charities that need a flexible website with integrated CRM, and the option to launch a private community forum. ToucanTech admins often work in development offices, managing fundraising and donor/alumni relations, or in communications teams who are tasked with promoting their organisation online.

ToucanTech is a smart software to power community engagement. Synced with social media and combining a database, CRM, email engine, fundraising management, news and content publishing, event listing and booking system, careers and mentoring platform and more, it's a complete all-in-one solution at an affordable price. Read more about ToucanTech.

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Sadlier logoWilliam H. Sadlier, Inc.

William H. Sadlier, Inc. is recognized and respected in dioceses, schools and parishes throughout the United States for its outstanding catechetical and educational publications. Sadlier's tradition of quality for more than 172 years has been nurtured by the vision, integrity and dedication of the same family. Today, we are honored to carry on that family tradition of excellence. Visit the Sadlier Web site.

William H. Sadlier, Inc.
9 Pine Street
New York, NY 10005-1002


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